Scanning Services

Streamline the Way You Manage Your Records

Convert Your Documents To Digital Images and Get More Effective Storage and Access

Do you have paper records taking up too much space and are hard to access?

Do you have records on microfilm or microfiche needing easier, faster access?

Do you have documents for:

  • Financial or Accounting Records
  • Medical Records
  • Government Records
  • HR Files
  • Insurance Records
  • ANY Business Reason

There is no need to dig through piles of paper to get the document you need. Graphic Sciences has conversion services that will create digital images from your paper documents and then provide the means to access those documents on virtually any computer system. Your paper records – anything from small notes to large drawings to bound books – can be converted and then indexed so that you have fast access to all your documents. You'll save storage space and improve efficiency.

If your documents are already stored on film, you can convert to more modern, more efficient technology by converting your film records to digital images. You'll get faster, more specific access and be able to utilize your existing computers with no need for readers or reader printers. Using the latest scanning equipment and a highly experienced team that has been in the industry for over 25 years, GSI will prepare your documents, scan them and then index them according to your needs. Quality control is built into each step of the process.

There are many choices of storage media and retrieval and printing systems to match your requirements. You can store and retrieve records via the Internet or we can provide tools to manage your own system. You can:

  • Help prevent record loss
  • Get easy retrieval of your data
  • Gain portability of your data
  • Reduce record storage space
  • Improve productivity
  • Utilize your own database for indexing